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Claim RulerSoftware was designed from the ground up by the engineering team at IT Strategies Group, an established multi-million dollar software inventor specializing in building game-changing software platforms for the insurance, accounting, and legal markets.  Our specialty is claims software design, marketing and sales for natural and man-made disasters whether it is a hurricane management system, BP Oil Spill Claim software, or mass tort claims management software.   

In today’s financial climate, your business process, custom software tailored to your success, and cloud strategy are more critical than ever, particularly how it relates to your business efficiency and expenditures. IT Strategies Group provides custom software and application(ASP) design based on over 25 years of best practices. We assess what you have today, help you understand where you need to be tomorrow, and help you with the transformation.

We are most famous for inventing the industry leading “OilClaim Calculator™” enterprise claims management software that assisted the firms that represent the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill victims manage over 2 Billion Dollars of losses in a credible and cost effective fashion. IT Strategies Group helped the firms that represent the victims of the largest natural disaster in United States history, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, and is here to enable the insurance industry.

Our software projects are featured as national and international top news stories on ABC News, the front page of The London Times, and on CBS News 60 Minutes, to name a few. We got what it takes to build your future! IT Strategies Group (ITSG) makes things happen; solving problems and not simply selling products.
With a careful eye on the latest technologies to market, and ear to its customers’ needs, ITSG is nimble enough to respond to opportunities as they arise, and boasts a corporate structure that enables ideas to quickly become realities, realigning solutions in an incredibly short time frame.

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Our Company Core Values

Our Company and all of our employees live and breathe these values each and every day

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Customer Centric
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Innovation

honestyWe do the right thing. Always! For ourselves, our families, our company, our vendors and our customers. We feel great about this.

honestyWe speak and live the truth.







Customer Centric spotWe are a Customer-Focused Operations.







respectRespect for the Individual







pointWe are accountable for our actions and words.







InnovationWe always look for ways to improve ourselves, our products, our packages, and business.





Partners with Leaders in the Industry

We are Partnered with Leaders in the Industry

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