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Industrial Strength Claims Management Software

Built for independent adjusters, cat adjusters, daily claims adjusters and insurance carriers, Claim Ruler is designed with the latest technologies to give you the cutting edge management system you need! We support end-to-end claims processing that will streamline the claims settlement process. Designed to function in the cloud you never have to install any software and can access your system from anywhere at any time. Claim Ruler’s flexible core design includes a web-based API interface that makes integration with other systems, both in-house and third-party easier. All of this makes it easier to organize collaborate with your partners and clients on a level previously unavailable. Claim Ruler has automated many manual processes such a diary management and billing to further save time and increase your profitability. Further, real-time customizable dashboards and reporting allow you to keep an eye on your company and adjuster performance with metrics that are customized to your Company. This is truly a system that will grow with any sized business well into the future! Contact us today for a free demonstration where we can discuss your needs and the extensive benefits we can offer.

Benefits of Claim Ruler™ Software

  • No software to install, cloud-based 24/7/365 access from mobile tablets/phones or any internet connection.
  • Support for all lines of coverage including Property, Workers Comp and Liability claims.
  • Full support for Third-Party Administrators including accounts payable, check ledger and check writing functionality.
  • Customizable dashboards that give real time analytics and analysis of company performance, adjuster performance, accounts receivable and client activity.
  • Customizable reporting functions that allow you to get more useful reports internally and for your clients.
  • Full 2-way integrations with Xactanalysis and Quickbooks.
  • Automated diary system to save time and give you better tracking of adjuster tasks.
  • Automated invoicing system just up based on carrier profiles that includes fully automatic billing, batch billing and accounts receivable functionality.
  • User configurable menu and drop-down designs.
  • Real-time access to your entire operation that is always on.
  • Your customers can login and check the status of their claims with you at ANY time 24/7/365 with our Self-Service Customer Service Portal.  This is a competitive advantage for your firm giving your firm next generation client support software now that your customers are looking for in more competitive landscape.
  • Spend less time on claim files for higher quality results with consistency and streamlined direction for creating, organizing and processing claim files in a structured environment not in piles of paper and photographs.
  • Highly secure data center that is geographically mirrored keeps your data safe regardless of catastrophic events.
  • Significant cost savings over in-house server and data hosting

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